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All sorts of things about flir­ting and get­ting good re­sults at it starts along wi­th the eye. The ey­es could be the first to see a per­son and then to li­ke what they find.

Women who are flir­ting are mo­re li­kely to butt their eye lids mo­re of­ten than they will whi­le tal­king to you. In ca­se you noti­ce a sud­den chan­ge in­si­de the num­ber of times the wo­man butts her ey­es lids you need to know that they are try­ing to flirt wi­th you and you could be nice mo­re than en­ough to flirt wi­th the girl’s and see how she in­te­rests it. When she butts her ey­el­ids she is com­mu­ni­ca­ting to you that she en­joys you and she wouldn? t mind if you pre­sen­ted that you love her as well.

The guys are the ones who com­mon­ly do a lot of up and down ac­tion be­cau­se they usual­ly think in the ca­se of se­xu­al acts mo­re than the la­dies. When they look at you li­ke this they are flir­ting and they are thin­king it would be great to ha­ve a ro­man­ce wi­th you, a se­xu­al one so­me­ti­mes but not ne­ces­sa­ri­ly. Make su­re you ma­ke an eye con­tact be­fo­re you per­form the up and down mo­ve.

If you are so fa­sci­na­ted by what you are see­ing the­re­fo­re you are a wo­man, you feel you should not help it but ma­ke a much ti­me eye con­tact, do so in a si­de­ways glan­ce. This is be­cau­se the ma­xi­mum amount is it would look li­ke that you are flir­ting wi­th the ey­es but it su­re­ly will not be too ob­vious­ly. It will al­so com­mu­ni­ca­te to the other per­son who you are a shy man even though you are not and it would sa­ve you the em­bar­rass­ment for the per­son fin­ding out that you ha­ve no shame of sta­ring. It is ru­de to sta­re, do not forget- la­dies.

It is the sa­me ey­es which will tell the other per­son that they pre­fer what they see. If you know how to use the ey­es to help you com­mu­ni­ca­te to peop­le, you will find your­self wi­th en­ough times. It is the grea­test wea­pon from flir­ting and de­pen­ding wi­th how you use them, they can be the be­st as­set you can ever get. When flir­ting, it is im­port­ant to re­tain the eye con­tact.

You can al­so look at the man from up to down and up. That will show the per­son you are loo­king at the­se and that you li­ke them the­re­fo­re you would li­ke not­hing mo­re than to speak wi­th them and get to tell the­se how you feel.

So next ti­me you see a lot of unusual ac­tivi­ty wi­th the ey­es li­ke but­ting of the ey­el­ids, the si­de­ways glan­ce and al­so the loo­king and the loo­king apart of a per­son, you should know cer­tain that the per­son is to­ge­ther wi­th the ey­es to flirt wi­th you, ma­ke the ne­cessa­ry eye pho­ne and flirt wi­th the­se in­di­vi­du­als too.

They con­ver­se a lot. When you spot some­bo­dy in a room or so­mew­he­re, it is im­port­ant that you ma­ke eye con­tact. Do not just look at them and lea­ve it who, ma­ke su­re you ma­ke a good eye con­tact and that you al­most ma­gic li­ke ma­ke it known to them you’ve got se­en them and that that suits you what you are see­ing. The eye con­tact could ta­ke just a few se­conds but wi­t­hin this ti­me you should ha­ve be­en ab­le to con­ver­se what you want.

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