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One of many three ma­jor re­s­pon­si­bi­li­ties for Muslim wi­ves in Islam is ma­na­ging the family’s wealth. In ad­di­ti­on to ta­king ca­re of the children’s edu­ca­ti­on and over­see­ing the hou­se­hold, Muslim wi­ves or girl­fri­en­ds of­ten ne­ga­te their con­cern to ma­na­ge their wealth – mo­ney, pro­per­ties, be­longings and in­vest­ments.

* Know The Financial Rights of Each Family Member for Islam. Your husband’s bills is to pro­vi­de your shel­ter, food, clot­hing, and eco­no­mi­cal me­ans for you to li­ve plea­s­ant­ly, the­re­fo­re it is your re­s­pon­si­bi­li­ty to pay wi­se­ly. Spend your mo­ney fair­ly and re­s­pon­sibly on the ne­ces­si­ties in life, su­ch as clo­thes, edu­ca­ti­on, health and hy­gie­ne for you, your hus­band and child­ren.

* Setting a Frugal Mindset for your fa­mi­ly can be an Act of Taqwa (God con­sci­en­tious­ness). Frugality is an wi­se lifestyle–not a che­ap one! Bargain-shopping is a gift to your ho­me, not a pu­nish­ment. When a mo­ther (and fa­ther) in­stills the va­lue of earning a dol­lar and stret­ching its va­lue, kids will appre­cia­te and even look and feel chal­len­ged to gain the most out of your family’s mo­ney. Be in­s­pi­ring and in­ge­nious in me­thods to po­si­ti­on the minds of the fa­mi­ly mem­bers to appre­cia­te fru­ga­li­ty li­ke a du­ty of all, and not a choice of a few. Those who are spend-conscience are mo­re in­tel­li­gent than spen­ders. You’ve got an ob­li­ga­ti­on to your fa­mi­ly unit to be re­source­ful and appre­cia­ti­ve of the world­ly gifts Allah has pro­vi­ded your fa­mi­ly: the wealth. Your ma­te­ri­al wealth is not an in­di­ca­tor in how much your faith me­rits.

However, if your hus­band can be mi­se­ry wi­th his mo­ney the­re­fo­re you do not ha­ve ne­ces­si­ties, you are aut­ho­ri­zed to proud­ly, not con­fi­den­ti­al­ly, use the mo­ney to car­ry out the family’s nee­ds. Don’t for­get, that as a Muslim dar­ling or mom, it is not your re­s­pon­si­bi­li­ty to bring mo­ney on the hou­se­hold. And, if you in­cur mo­ney it be­co­mes your own wealth, which you can spend as you wish. This lu­xu­rious, not af­for­ded in many se­ver­al other cul­tures or re­li­gi­ons, should ne­ver be under-appreciated or as­su­med. Meaning, if you ha­ve wealth and your fa­mi­ly is ex­pe­ri­en­cing dif­fi­cul­ties, re­mem­ber that cha­ri­ty must be­gin at home–so, hel­ping your hou­se­hold car­ri­es great be­ne­fits for you in this life and the hereaf­ter. On the other hand, if your hus­band is usual­ly ex­pe­ri­en­cing great for­tu­ne, and you de­si­re to work, your re­qui­re­ment to your fa­mi­ly and pro­per­ty ta­kes pre­ce­den­ce. It ta­kes a crea­ti­ve mom to find ba­lan­ce on her be­half fa­mi­ly – and that starts by main­tai­ning sen­se of ba­lan­ce her­self first.

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Therefore, you should ne­ver jud­ge the sta­tus in life wi­th mo­ney – your le­vel is de­ter­mi­ned by your de­en — your re­li­gi­on and life­sty­le. So, li­ve your life re­s­pon­sibly, in fact, the one who mi­su­s­es and abu­ses his/her wealth, is guil­ty of pos­si­ble was­te and ar­ro­gan­ce. Don’t li­ke the term: Frugal-Minded? Then, try Value-Spending.

Becoming a bet­ter Muslim Mom Money Manager uses ti­me, can not be achie­ved over­night, but wi­th the right re­a­sons and de­ter­mi­na­ti­on to learn and act ac­cord­ingly, Allah (God) will help you suc­ceed, ins­haAl­lah (God wil­ling). Listed be­low are the se­ver­al tips to get you star­ted out:

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