Two efforts are in play in the state legislature to legalize it with the possibility that other fantasy sports will be a

and me­dia per­so­na­li­ties li­ke Bart Scott ha­ve all co­me out and said they be­lie­ve Kaepernick is being black­bal­led for re­fu­sing to stand for the na­tio­nal an­them last ye­ar, and that he re­mains un­em­ploy­ed be­cau­se of his ef­forts to rai­se awa­ren­ess about ra­ci­al in­e­qua­li­ty and is­su­es li­ke po­li­ce bru­ta­li­ty..

Now we’ve just got to ta­ke this win and get re­a­dy for the Browns.“. Cara Morey has wat­ched her hus­band turn in­to so­meo­ne she doesn’t re­co­gni­ze. Therefore, what puz­zles me is why would they be­lie­ve that Tebow, who was ac­tual­ly worse than Sanchez in that ca­te­go­ry, would im­pro­ve the si­tua­ti­on.

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