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Oxaliplatin and pred­ni­so­lo­ne ox-p for pa­ti­ents wi­th re­l­ap­sed or re­frac­to­ry mar­gi­nal zo­ne b-cell lym­pho­ma mzl .

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this pre­pa­ra­ti­on s su­pe­rior pa­la­ta­bi­li­ty com­pa­red wi­th pred­ni­so­lo­ne has be­en con­fir­med, 11,42 and the iv for­mu­la­ti­on gi­ven as an oral so­lu­ti­on has be­en used in pre­vious stu­dies in­ves­ti­ga­ting dex­a­me­tha­so­ne tre­at­ment for bron­chio­li­tis 43,44 and croup.

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each me­thyl­pred­ni­so­lo­ne ta­blet for oral ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on con­ta­ins 4 mg me­thyl­pred­ni­so­lo­ne.

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your doc­tor may al­so want you to stop tre­at­ment gra­dual­ly if you ha­ve be­en gi­ven high do­ses mo­re than 32mg me­thyl­pred­ni­so­lo­ne dai­ly even if on­ly for three weeks or less; if you ha­ve be­en trea­ted wi­th corti­cos­te­ro­id ta­blets or in­jec­tions in the last ye­ar; if you had pro­blems wi­th your ad­re­n­al glands be­fo­re tre­at­ment was star­ted; or if you ha­ve be­en re­pea­ted­ly ha­ving do­ses in the eve­ning.

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depo-medrol ste­ri­le aqueous sus­pen­si­on con­ta­ins me­thyl­pred­ni­so­lo­ne ace­tate which is the 6- me­thyl de­ri­va­ti­ve of pred­ni­so­lo­ne.


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