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Bioavailability of oral me­t­hotrex­a­te may be on­ly two-thirds of what is ab­sor­bed when the drug is in­jec­ted sub­cu­ta­neous­ly, says dr.

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in­trao­cu­lar me­t­hotrex­a­te in the tre­at­ment of uvei­tis and uveitic cys­to­id ma­cu­lar ede­ma.

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li­te­ra­tu­re sug­gests that con­co­mit­ant use of ppis wi­th me­t­hotrex­a­te pri­ma­ri­ly at high do­se; see me­t­hotrex­a­te pre­scri­bing in­for­ma­ti­on may ele­va­te and pro­long se­rum con­cen­tra­ti­ons of me­t­hotrex­a­te and or its me­ta­bo­li­te, pos­si­bly lea­ding to me­t­hotrex­a­te to­xi­ci­ties.

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le­fluno­mi­de was in­tro­du­ced about two de­ca­des ago and is con­side­red a se­cond choice to me­t­hotrex­a­te.

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the phy­si­ci­an will need to dis­cuss use of con­tra­cep­ti­on du­ring the ti­me the pa­ti­ent is ta­king me­t­hotrex­a­te.


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