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Might be iden­ti­fied sex po­si­ti­ons that ma­ke a la­dy or­gasm bet­ter than others. The rea­li­ty is the­re is one that when ap­p­lied pro­per­ly can ma­ke her or­gasm in se­conds.

Those are (in a ex­pe­ri­en­ce) the be­st sex po­si­ti­ons to ma­ke a wo­man or­gasm. The on­ly trou­ble wi­th all of con­se­quent­ly and in par­ti­cu­lar the last so­me may be that you ha­ve to be ab­le to last lon­ger en­ough to ma­ke su­re she or­gas­ms.

A good way to sol­ve this pro­blem should be to gi­ve her a good do­se of cun­ni­lin­gus first. This could eit­her ma­ke her eja­cu­la­te or bring her in­credi­b­ly clo­se to it, bo­th hap­pen to be ide­al. If she or­gas­ms du­ring the oral then she might just ha­ve ano­ther in in­ter­cour­se. If she is in clo­se pro­xi­mi­ty to or­gasm from the cun­ni­lin­gus than the pe­ne­tra­ti­on will fi­nish the re­s­pon­si­bi­li­ty.

2. Man on top. I look for this sex po­si­ti­on the be­st way to ma­ke a wo­man or­gasm. The im­port­ant thing is to do things a bit dif­fer­ent­ly, whe­re­as the norm in this po­si­ti­on is for you to steady thrusts qui­te quick­ly, the way to help to ma­ke her cli­max is very dif­fe­rent. What you need to do is main­tain your pe­nis de­ep in­si­de the girl’s whi­le pus­hing and cir­cling your hips. This much li­ke the po­si­ti­on above will in­crea­se her cli­to­ris and get her or­gasm qui­te ex­tre­me­ly fast whi­le at the sa­me ti­me ma­king you last lon­ger be­cau­se the­re is no thrus­ting.

Here are 3 sex po­si­ti­ons that will get your wo­man re­ach or­gasm.
– Woman on top. This is an in­di­vi­dual fa­vou­rite for wo­men be­cau­se they are in char­ge of ever­y­thing from depth of pe­ne­tra­ti­on to the speed of the thrus­ting. You can howe­ver ma­ke her or­gasm fas­ter and mo­re power­ful­ly by pla­c­ing your hands on her be­half hips and pus­hing her down firm­ly on­to your pe­nis. This will help be­cau­se her cli­to­ris will get sti­mu­la­ted be­cau­se of your pel­vic bone. This girl on top po­si­ti­on com­bi­ned wi­th ones pus­hing of her si­des can lead to your wo­man re­aching the girl’s or­gasm in me­re se­conds.

3. Woman on all fours. This sex is one of the pre­fer­red sex po­si­ti­ons to ma­ke a wo­man or­gasm but be­wa­re it re­qui­res a good deal of se­xu­al stami­na on­to your part. It’s great for the girl’s be­cau­se you can get re­al­ly de­ep in­si­de her whi­le at the sa­me ti­me using your hand to hap­pi­ness her cli­to­ris. The re­a­son it’s not re­com­mend if you don’t ha­ve much stami­na is be­cau­se in this po­si­ti­on ones pe­nis gets ex­tre­me­ly sti­mu­la­ted, this ad­ded to the at­ten­ti­on of her bent fi­nis­hed equals dou­ble fast cum­ming.

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